Interactions between Orthodontics and Periodontics

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About this Course

In patients with severe periodontitis (stage IV periodontitis), the combination of attachment loss and bone loss can lead to a series of events such as secondary occlusal trauma, pathological dental migration and severe malocclusions, that can compromise the patient's masticatory function and aesthetics. Therefore, these patients require, in addition to periodontal treatment, a multidisciplinary rehabilitation that includes orthodontic treatment aimed to solve the functional and aesthetic problems that are usually the main patient’s concern.

In this presentation, we will review some key aspects related to orthodontic tooth movement in patients with severe periodontal attachment loss. We will make special emphasis to the preservation of the mucogingival dimensions too, together with the use of plastic surgical techniques aimed to improve this dimension. We shall exemplify these indications with two cases where periodontal and orthodontic therapy have been carried out.

Benefits for learners:

· Latest evidence-based clinical case analysis

· Continued professional development and learning

· IOF Certificate of Completion

· Management of patients with orthodontic disorders


What will you learn?

- Why does pathologic tooth migration occur (PTM)?

- Can we move teeth in stage IV periodontitis patients?

- how should we plan and implement the orthodontic treatment in terms of biomechanics for IV periodontitis patients?

- How does periodontal regenerative procedures work with orthodontic movement?

- What is the timing to treat Altered passive eruption?

- What are indications of Gingivectomy and Crown lengthening?

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Course Duration:
90-120 minutes

Course Fees:

English & Chinese
Who is eligible?
- All dentists, especially for orthodontists are eligible to take the course.
How does the course work?
- To obtain your IOF Certificate of Completion, you should watch the whole course.
Minimum system requirements
- Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X v10 or later, Linux-Chrome OS Internet Explorer 9 and above; Google Chrome; Safari and Firefox

Learning & Reflection

Learning and reflection is an essential activity for orthodontists and should be an integral part of all aspects of treatment delivery, as it aids the development of professionalism by facilitating lifelong learning and can reduce diagnostic errors. Reflective thinking can help to process emotions, improve mood, prevent burnout, and improve the patient’s care. The reflection is not developed spontaneously and therefore is an essential part of personal development. Let’s join the author together to practice your skills in diagnosis, management, and treatment.

About the Speakers

Dr. Conchita Martin pic
Dr. Conchita Martin
Professor of Orthodontics and Research Methodology,
the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (UCM)
Faculty of Odontology, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Martín holds the position of Clinical Teacher at the PostGraduate Program of Orthodontics at the university of UCM since 1996.

 She is a specialist in Orthodontics, having completed a 3-year postgraduate program at the University Complutense of Madrid and complementary postgraduate studies at UCLA. She received her Doctorate Degree in Odontology (Dr Odont) at the University of UCM. She is a specialist in Statistics and Experimental Design, having completed a Masters’ Degree at the University Autonoma in Barcelona. Now She is also on the editorial board of the European Journal of Orthodontics. She is currently the PI of the research group “Craniofacial Biology: Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics” (BIOCRAN) officially recognized and funded by the Spanish Government. Her past responsibilities in research involved the participation in two other research groups, one dealing with masticatory muscle physiology and neuromuscular activity in different malocclusions (mainly posterior cross-bites), and the ETEP research group: a multidisciplinary research group in aetiology and therapy of periodontal diseases, that covered topics such as biology of tooth movement, antimicrobial approaches in the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis and peri-implant infections and bone and soft tissue biology.

Dr. Mariano Sanz pic
Dr. Mariano Sanz
Guest Expert
Guest Expert
Dr.Mariano Sanz obtained the Medical Degree at the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) (1981) and later the Specialty of Stomatology (1983) and Doctorate in Medicine (PhD) at the same university (1985).
After that he moved to UCLA (USA) to specialize in Periodontology (1988) and returned to UCM to become Professor of Periodontology (1989). Since then, he held the position of Chairman of Periodontology, Director of the ETEP (etiology and therapy of periodontal and peri-implant diseases) Research Group and Chairman of Postgraduate Periodontology (EFP accredited Perio Specialty Program). He is also Professor type II at the University of Oslo. Dr.Mariano Sanz has received five honorary doctorate degrees by the Universities of Goteborg (Sweden), Coimbra (Portugal), San Sebastian (Santiago de Chile), University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Medical University of Warsaw. He was the past Dean from UCM, past President of the Spanish Society of Periodontology, The European Federation of Periodontology, and the European Federation of the IADR. He has published more than 390 scientific publications (ORCID # 0000-0002-6293-5755), (h-index 69) and he is an international lecturer in topics related to Periodontology, Implant Dentistry and Dental Education.
Dr. Maria Cadenas pic
Dr. Maria Cadenas
Guest Expert
Guest Expert
Maria Cadenas graduated in Dentistry and Orthodontics in Sevilla and Madrid (Spain) in 2007 and 2012 respectively, later completing her doctoral studies on Biology of Orthodontic Tooth movement.
She has been Clinical Staff Member of the Service of Dentistry of University Hospitals Leuven (Belgium) since 2014 and Assistant Professor of the Department of Oral Health Sciences – Orthodontics of KU Leuven University since 2017. She is Erasmus Coordinator within the school of Dentistry of KU Leuven since 2019 and is currently in charge of the Research Output of the section of Orthodontics. 
Dr. María Luengo pic
Dr. María Luengo
María Luengo graduated in Dentistry and Orthodontics in Madrid (Spain) in 2013 and 2016 respectively.

She is currently finishing her doctoral studies on Biology of Orthodontic Tooth movement guided by Dr. Conchita Martín in University Complutense of Madrid. She works as orthodontist in her private practice and she is Instructor in the Orthodontic Postgraduate Program of University Complutense of Madrid since 2016.

Dr. Claudia Molina-Martos pic
Dr. Claudia Molina-Martos
Claudia Molina-Martos graduated in Dentistry and Orthodontics in Madrid, in the University Complutense of Madrid in 2018 and 2021 respectively.
She has been collaborating as an Instructor of the Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics for the first-year residents at the University Complutense of Madrid since 2021. She has been an Active Member at the SEDO (Orthodontics Spanish Society) since 2021. 
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