What is the biggest problem or obstacle that you are facing when looking to become a successful orthodontist? There are new challenges in your career life, such as updating new technology, communication with patients, and the ever-evolving economic landscape. The good news is we are living in the Golden Age of Orthodontics. New Innovations and technologies are here to help us to build a bigger practice, seeing more patients and offering our patients customized treatment plans.

All the above issues sometimes are not easy to go through. However, difficult periods can also lead to major success when challenges are properly addresses. If you like TECH TALK, the International Orthodontics Foundation (IOF) is here to help. IOF has gathered experts from all over the world to provide answers to your office issues. Please tune in IOF TALK to learn more about what we can offer.

Aligners & Biomechanics
-Unlocking Aligner Mastery
Is orthodontics at its peak of evolution? Our experts will explore how economic factors and manufacturer influence have transformed the landscape, empowering manufacturers to guide consumers.
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[2024]  Aligners & Biomechanics-Unlocking Aligner Mastery
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[2024]  Aligners & Biomechanics-Decoding Aligner Treatment
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[2023]  The Golden Age of Orthodontics-The Impact of Innovations in Orthodontics