IOF International Orthodontics Foundation
Clinical Showcase
Each Showcase has one pre-set academic topic or theme for discussion. IOF carefully tailors the subject matter to meet the actual needs of the attending clinicians. The Showcase aims to create a collaborative environment for dialogue in which eminent world leader in Orthodontics can share insights and fresh perspectives. It also presents a rare opportunity for audiences to learn from orthodontics programs, medical schools, and universities worldwide.
Dr.Ravindra Nanda

If we use proper biomechanics, we can cut down treatment time by minimizing or eliminating side effects. Applying proper mechanics can cut down treatment time 40-50%.

Dr. Zhihe Zhao

The so-called smart orthodontics refers to the realization of orthodontic case management, analysis and diagnosis, treatment plan formulation, visual efficacy prediction, and appliance evaluation through technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, graphics and image processing, computer-aided design, and auxiliary manufacturing.

Mariya Jeon

As an orthodontic clinician, IOF gives me the opportunity to learn about the new technologies and clinical tools. Their courses are great and I recommend everyone interested in the field to listen to their lectures!

Rudat Volker

I just applied for IOF's research grant, I think it is a great opportunity for scientists to access grants so we can have the necessary funding to pursue our studies!

Xie Frank

IOF is great! I think it is still a young organization but it offers great services, membership and courses are free!